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There are many reasons why steelframing has come to the forefront as one of the best and most feasible alternative buildingmaterials for residential and commercial construction. Steel is a superior construction material with many benefits.

Stalstomme 3 plan

General Benefits

1. Most cost-effective mid-ris estructural material.

2. Shorter and predictable construction schedule.

3. Highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material.
100% recyclable.

4. Non-combustible – does not burn nor contribute fuel to the spread of a fire.

5. Inorganic – will not rot, warp, split, crack or creep.

6. Dimensionally stable – does not expand or contract with moisture content.

7. Consistent material quality - produced in strict accordance with national standards, no regional variations.

8. Straight walls and squire corners.

9. Windows and doors open and close as they should.

10. Less scrap and waste (2% for steel vs. 20% for lumber).

11. High strength results in safer structures, less maintenance and slowe raging of structure.

12. Not vulnerable to termites.

13. Not vulnerable to any type of fungior organism, including mold.

14. Less probability of foundation problems – less weight results in less movement.

15. Less probability of damage in an earthquake.

16. Lighter structure with stronger connections results in less seismic force.

17. Less probability of damage in highwinds.

18. Stronger connections, screwed versus nailed.







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